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Sullivan's Ante-Up Dolly (AKA: Annie) was our  first true love in this breed and our baby girl. She loved more than anything to "go bye-bye" and visit friends and family. Annie took very seriously riding in a vehicle. She would jump into the vehicle with absolute excitement and she didn't relax until we had reached our destination. Our fondest memory of Annie is the way she would literally snap at the keys as they rattled toward the ignition and her cobra like strike to the seat belt as we would buckle up. I have never before or since seen such enthusiasm for taking a ride as that of our Annie. Joy riding wasn't the only thing Annie felt strongly about. Annie was a vibrant girl with a compulsive nature. She knew what she liked and what she didn't and she had no problem letting us know how she felt about things. Annie had a deep hatred for our vacuum cleaner. We ultimately went through 3 vacuums during the time that we had Annie as she would attack and attempt to kill what we called "the devil in the closet". Annie was also very affectionate and a fearless protector of her loved ones. This girl went everywhere that we went - she took vacations with us, she slept with us, she went to family gatherings. Annie captured our hearts from the day we brought her home and we showered her with our love and affection from that day forward. Annie impacted our lives more than anything else ever has. This bulldogge was the center of our universe - we loved her endlessly. Though her passing was nearly more than we could endure, Annie did not die in vain. She was our inspiration for our current breeding program and we will never forget her. Since Annie, we have worked to promote and improve the breed and will continue to do so. RIP will always be our baby girl.









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